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Want to win this glasses-friendly Chimera mask??

Welcome to the Phantomasy themed Art contest!

Contest starts: March 14th 2024

Submission deadline: April 20th 2024 (roughly 5 weeks)

Winner announced on: April 25th 2024

What to enter:

  • Create a Phantomasy themed piece of artwork using inspiration from the prompt "The one who walks through aether."
    (a being who walks through alternate dimensions/planes of existence)

  • Must use at least one Phantomasy product/something based off of a Phantomasy product in the image (Example: Mask, Neck corset).

What you CAN submit:

  • Traditional artwork

  • Digital artwork

  • Mixed media artwork
    (Artwork created using a mix of mediums. Example: Pens and paint. Pencil crayons and glued yarn. Digital art printed out and then painted over/use clay over top. Etc...)

What you CANNOT submit:

  • Images created using AI generators.

  • Photography*

  • Photomanipulations*

  • Sexually explicit art.

  • Cosplay*

  • Written work like poetry/short stories (Though I will hold another contest for this specifically in the future!)

  • Makeup looks

*Photography, Photomanipulations, Cosplay: Meaning you cannot take a photo of you (or anyone else) modeling an item you purchased from Phantomasy , or of a costume/cosplay you made yourself and use that as a submission.

You are allowed to post your images online! Please feel free to tag @phant0masy (IG and TikTok) @Phantomasy (Facebook) so I can see!


  • Email your entry to Tris (The Veilsmith) at with the subject line "ART CONTEST"

  • Please also include any social media links/handles that you may have

Entries posted online but not emailed will not be counted as a submission.

The winner will be chosen by Tris, and two runner ups will be given a 1 time use 25% OFF coupon to use here for any purchase over $40!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me!



This is the very first Chimera mask that I ever made. It was created using random mistake pieces that I kept from past orders. The pieces were still useful, but had minor flaws or were made in the wrong colour.

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