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About Phantomasy

Welcome to Phantomasy!

(Pronounced: Fant-o-mas-ee - similar to "intimacy")

Here at Phantomasy, we love creating unique items that help you to express yourself and your creativity.

We take inspiration from Forest Fantasy, Alternative Fashion, Gothic Victorian Aesthetic, Elegant Beauty, and the Dark and Mysterious.

Phantomasy was created and is solely run by Tris Nielsen.

Tris started Phantomasy in 2018. She was inspired by a freestanding embroidered necklace she purchased, which then led her to teaching herself everything she could about embroidery machines and freestanding embroidery. After a lot of practice, she started making her own necklaces, which then led to masks and other items!

A Small Business

Phantomasy is a very small and modest business, being run out of a renovated garage!
We currently have 11 embroidery machines, 1 sewing machine, and a few part-time employees that help to fulfill orders.

Meet Tris


Tris was born in 1991 with an obvious passion for art.

She's always loved to get her hands in to anything creative and has been drawing ever since she could hold a crayon.

Making costumes became a hobby of hers at a young age, always needing to have the coolest costumes for Halloween! It should come as no surprise that she started to cosplay at the age of 13. Her Grandmother taught her how to sew, and the rest is history.

Tris also had a long career in graphic design, which has helped her in creating the designs that she makes today!

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