What is Phantomasy?

We are Fantasy

We are Intimacy

We are the Phantoms in the Dark...


Here at Phantomasy, we love creating unique items that allow you to express yourself and who you truly are.

We take inspiration from Fantasy, Nature, Gothic, Alternative and Victorian Fashion, Delicate Beauty and the Dark and Creepy.

We currently hand make all of our products using Freestanding Embroidery, decorated with chains, gems and repurposed jewelry.

Everything is designed by the owner and creator of Phantomasy, Tris. She creates the design, programs it on the computer using Embird, then let's her Embroidery Machine bring it to life. She then hand details each and every item, so no 2 items will ever be exactly the same.

Woman in white wearing a white mask and flower crown holding out arm to a snow owl

Before Tris dove into creating jewelry and accessories for Phantomasy, she used to work as a graphic designer.

She's been drawing ever since she could hold a crayon and has always loved getting her hands into anything creative and artistic.

Her Grandmother taught her how to sew when she was 13 and has always loved it. Combining her knowledge for graphic design and sewing, she was able to start her dream job, Phantomasy.

"I bought a necklace from a shop I really like. They sell corsets, vintage clothing and fancy lingerie. The necklace I bought from them was freestanding lace, and I thought it was incredibly beautiful.

I’d get so many compliments every time I wore this necklace. I’ve always been a creative individual, so I thought “I wonder if I could make something like this...”

That thought then led me to the internet, which led me to youtube videos, which led me to stores and before you know it, I bought my very first embroidery machine.

I taught myself how to use an embroidery program on the computer so I could design my own creations; although it didn’t happen over night. Over and over again, I failed and I failed. My designs weren’t working. Everything was falling apart. I became so frustrated, I almost gave up. But, I’m stubborn and when I want something, I make it happen.

6 months later, I finally started seeing results. I figured out how to make it work! I had taught myself how to design and produce my own free standing lace jewelry. Which then led me to creating other embroidered items, such as masks and patches.

As of right now, Phantomasy consists of just me, Tris. Creating designs from scratch on my computer, stitching them out on my embroidery machines, then hand detailing them with chains, gems, ribbons and recycled jewelry."


Future Plans for Phantomasy

We are currently trying to expand our inventory and equipment so we can create:

Headpieces, Body harnesses, Jabots, Capelets, Ankle/Boot accessories, Resin products, Clothing, Bags, and more.

If you'd like to support us in reaching this goal, please consider buying some of our products.

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