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Would you like to take a look beyond the Veil?

>> Check out our Patreon page! <<
Through our Patreon, you will gain special access to all sorts of fun rewards!

  • Behind-the-scenes content. - Work-in-progress pictures and videos of my current projects. Before and after shots of our photoshoots. Behind-the-scenes of photoshoots. Sketches of new designs (sketches not guaranteed available every month).

  • Exclusive voting power. - Vote on new product designs (not guaranteed will be available every month). Vote on what patch you'd like to see every month. Vote to name new products and be forever credited in that design's description.

  • Exclusive monthly patch. - Receive a new patch in the mail every month.

  • Monthly 20% discount code. - Get a new 20% OFF discount code every month that is applicable to any order that is $40 or more! Applied before shipping. This code is automatically applied to Patreon only designs that are $40 or more, as well as any Out of Stock products that are $40 or more (see next reward).

  • Exclusive access to any and all Out Of Stock products. - Want something that we're sold out of? No problem! Just send me a message on Patreon with what product you'd like, and we'll make it for you! We will apply the 20% OFF discount code automatically if it is $40 or more. You can use this reward 1-2 times a month!*

  • Metallic thread, Iridescent thread and Embellishments. - Replace regular thread with Metallic and Iridescent thread when you place an order! You can also get your item embellished with gems, beads, filigree and any other trinkets we may have. Limitations apply.

  • NOTE: Some products require specific supplies in order to be made, so depending on our supply, we may need to order it in.

  • Patreon only designs. - Unlock access to purchase Patreon only designs! Your 20% OFF discount code will automatically be applied. Just message us with what design you would like! You can use this reward once a month!


*1-2 times a month - You can either order 1 Out of Stock item and 1 Patreon only design, or 2 Out of Stock items per month.

Taxes may be applied to Out of Stock products and Patreon only products if you are within Canada.

Patrons are required to pay any Customs/Duty fees that may be applied.

Patrons are required to pay a 2.9% Paypal Fee during each transaction.

I reserve the right to update this tier at a later date.

Patreon Only Designs

​Below are products that you can only purchase if you are our Patron!

Please note that all Patrons are still required to pay for shipping and a 2.9% PayPal fee for each transaction.
Patrons may choose what type of shipping they would like when ordering.


Please message me on Patreon!


The Alchemist

This mask is valued at: $195 CAD

Patrons get this mask for: $156 CAD



Patch Club!

Every month, Patrons receive an exclusive patch in the mail!

Patrons are able to vote on what theme the patch will be.

Any Patrons that have missed out on receiving a certain patch are allowed to replace their monthly patch with a past design, and/or are allowed to purchase a past design at any time!

Each patch is worth $4.50 CAD

Below are all of our past patches!

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