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Our products are made of freestanding pure polyester embroidery thread, so they should never be thrown into a washer or dryer.

To make sure you get the most out of your item and that it lasts you a long time, when cleaning, please use sanitization wipes.
If you wear your item frequently, make sure your skin is clean to prevent oil and dead skin build up, and avoid using makeup in areas where our products are coming into contact with your skin.


- Seer masks, Keeper masks, Oracle masks and Butterfly masks:
Wrap and tie around the back of your head with the ribbon resting on top of your ears.

- Cathedral masks, Page masks, Dragon masks, Revenant masks:
These masks were designed to be worn over glasses, so they come with two holes on each side that allow you to loop the ribbon around your ear and then tie around your head.


- Incubus masks, Succubus masks:

These masks are worn like eyepatches. The ribbon on the eye-hole side goes over your ear and the ribbon with the teeth side goes under your ear, then tie it behind your head.


- Neck corsets:

If you do not have someone to assist you in putting on your neck corset, simply put it on backwards. Lace the ribbon through the holes, tie it, then spin it around so the holes are now at the back.

- Spell Guard masks:

Depending on your face shape, you can wear our spell guard mask the same way you would ear our Cathedral masks. Or you can wrap the ribbon around you ear and tie it behind your head, with the ribbon going under your ear like in this photo:



For our more 3D masks, like our Cathedral masks, Page masks, Dragon masks and Revenant masks, it is important to make sure that they maintain their shape. If you can display them on a mannequin head or rest them on something with a curved surface, we highly recommend it!

To make sure your Neck Corset keeps it's flattering shape, we recommend tying the back of the neck corset tightly when not in use.

If you do not have anywhere to store your item, just keep it in the box that it came in!

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