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Looking for something totally unique?

Below we have listed some items and price examples of pieces we can make for you.

If you're working with a budget, we suggest choosing one of our existing designs to work off of!

Please keep in mind that any alterations and add-ons made to existing designs will increase the price.

Price range examples:

For smaller projects built off of existing designs, such as our Seer Mask, Oracle Mask, Keeper mask, and Chokers:
$100 - $230+ CAD

For larger projects built off of existing designs, such as our Glasses-friendly masks and Neck corset as well as Head Pieces:

$350 - $600+ CAD

For completely new designs, please contact us with your idea and we will quote you a price.

We specialize in/most enjoy making items that are based around:

High Fantasy

Monster/Creature themes

Gothic/Alternative style

Victorian aesthetic



Post-apocalyptic themed fashion.
The more original and creative, the better!

We also offer completely customizable interest-free payment plans!

Past Commissions Gallery

How does the process work?



If there are no spots available, please check back at another time,

or subscribe to our newsletter to be notified when spots are open!

If you'd like to commission Phantomasy, here are the steps:

  • Register for the waiting list. Please be prepared to wait upwards of 6+ months depending on your position in line. We hate to keep you waiting, but we also want to be able to give you a secure spot!

  • Tris works in a first-come-first-serve order and will be handling the commissions 1-3 at a time depending on the complexity of the commissions. We greatly appreciate your patience!

  • To make sure that more people can get a chance to hop on our waiting list, we will be only be removing people on the list after 4-5 commissions have been completed. Meaning we will complete 4-5 commissions and then delete them from the list, opening up more spaces for others to join.

  • Please have all of your information and reference pictures (if you have any) ready to send when Tris contacts you. Information like: If you'd like to have a piece made that is based on an existing piece of ours, What colours you'd like, If you'd like embellishments, Your budget, What currency you are using, etc.

    Email Example:

    The Veilsmith
    Mailing address:
    123 Internet St
    Provence/State, Postal/Zip code

    Phone number (for customs forms): 123-456-7890
    Currency: CAD
    Budget: $400
    Which product of ours your commission is based off of (If applicable): Cathedral mask (Half)
    Colours: Black, Greens, Gold, Brass
    Embellishments: I'd like chains, dangling beads and painted flowers please!

    Details of your commission:
    I'd like to get a Half Cathedral mask with custom embroidery, mostly Black, with Brass, Gold and Green details.
    I'd like Black flowers, painted with gold trim on the mask.
    Gold or Brass chains with dangling beads. I'd like to add embroidered elf ears to the mask as well.


  • If you do not respond to our email within 7 days, you will forfeit your position in line and Tris will need to move on to the next person waiting. You are also welcome to leave the line at any time!

  • If you choose to pay for your commission using a payment plan, you will not receive your commission until the payment has been made in full


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

If you are unsure of what you'd like, Tris is more than happy to help you along the process.

Prioritization Fee

We are currently not prioritizing any commissions at this time.
Please check back later!


- I accept that Phantomasy reserves the right to refuse my commission request without explanation.
- I accept and understand that I must pay a non-refundable 30% deposit of the total cost of my order, not including shipping.
- I accept and understand that Phantomasy charges in CAD.
(Click here for a currency converter:

- I accept that I must pay shipping on top of the cost of my order.

- I accept and understand that if I reside in Canada, I am required to pay a 5%-12% sales tax depending on my province.

- I accept that my order may take longer if a thread order* is required.

(Thread order: If Phantomasy does not have the colour thread for your order, we must order thread from our supplier which will need to be shipped to us.)

- I accept and understand that I may have to wait a bit longer if Phantomasy needs to resupply any items needed to work on my commission.

- I accept and understand that Phantomasy fulfills custom orders in a first come first serve order and that I may have to wait.

- I accept and understand that if I fail to respond to Phantomasy within 7 business days of being contacted, I will be removed from the waiting list entirely.

- I accept and understand that if I fail to respond to Phantomasy in one month after my order is completed, I surrender complete ownership of my order and Phantomasy has full right to keep, or sell it.

- I accept and understand that if I choose to be put on a payment plan, I must wait until the full amount has been paid before my order is shipped.

- I accept and understand that if I am on a payment plan, and I miss/fail to make multiple payments, Phantomasy reserves the right to terminate my commission.

- I accept and understand that Phantomasy does their best to package their products and that they are not responsible if my order arrives damaged.

(Please click here for information regarding shipping and returns)

- I agree to interact with Phantomasy in a professional manner, and if I fail to do so, my commission will be terminated. Unprofessional actions include but are not limited to: Swearing, rude language, demeaning language, threatening language, sexism, sexual advances, etc.