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Two of Swords


Difficult choices, Stuck, Stalemate, Denial, Secret information


Anxiety, Unable to make decisions, Unrevealed truths, Hesitancy

Two of Swords

The Two of Swords speaks of difficult choices and feeling stuck. The two swords the Pixie is holding represent two choices. One sword will lead them down one path, and the other will take them down a completely different path; it all depends on their actions and which sword they choose to swing.

You could be facing two choices that are both equal in value. You've come to a stand still as you struggle to choose which one to go to. Without some outside guidance, you feel as if you wont be able to make a decision at all. It's possible that both choices could be equally appealing, or equally un-appealing, in which case, makes everything even more difficult for you. Unfortunately, the reality is, is that if we do not make a choice, we will not progress.

Alternatively, the Two of Swords can also speak of balance. Balance in our relationships, in work, in our hobbies, anything. You could be struggling with finding balance between certain areas of your life. Sometimes we do too much of one thing and forget about other important parts of our life. Or we could feel stuck and not be taking part in things we should be.

Sometimes it feels like avoiding things is easier than facing them. We may choose not to see the difficult decisions in front of us. Just know that avoidance never solves anything, only keeps us where we don't want to be. Change can be difficult and uncomfortable at times, but that uncomfortable feeling will not last. Even if you make the wrong choice, it's better than not making any. We can always grow from our mistakes and make the right decision later on. Sometimes we need to make the wrong choice in order to see and understand the right one.

Card in Reverse:

The Two of Swords in reverse tells us of a most extraordinary stalemate. Something that feels impossible. Two paths seem to be clashing in front of your very eyes, and you feel helpless to make a decision. Both pathways do not appeal to you and confusion is high right now. Which path will bring the least amount of damage? Once you are able to make a decision, be it by thinking it through, or running out of time, know that the road ahead may be difficult for a while. But you will be able to overcome these adversities.







Choosing between different careers

Choosing between suitors, Choosing between love or something else

Unable to find balance between love and other things, No appealing choices

Stressful decisions, Choices with no good outcome

Upright: The Two of Swords in love can suggest that you may find yourself needing to pick between two suitors. Or you're struggling to decide whether or not you'd like to remain single, or try dating/stay in a relationship. It's possible that you have two very appealing paths in front of you right now, and you're unsure of where to go. You might be trying to avoid choosing all together, but it's not really working out for you. Avoiding making a decision will not solve anything and it will just keep you stuck. Practice communication, not only with others, but with yourself and your feelings.

Reverse: Sometimes we are faced with a decision where there is no appealing outcome. You could find yourself in the middle of being pursued by two suitors, but neither of them are exactly what you'd like. You could also be struggling with finding balance between your love life and other areas of your life. Regardless of what it is, you're feeling very confused and indecisive. You feel as if anything you choose is going to cause you pain in some way. Know that the longer you wait, the more painful it will be to make a decision. You may never feel ready, and that's okay. Whatever happens, you will be able to overcome it.

Upright: You may be struggling right now when it comes to deciding what career path you'd like to take. Perhaps you've had two offers and are unsure of which one to take, maybe you're unsure which field you'd like to explore, or perhaps you're thinking about leaving one career and starting over completely with something else. Whatever it is, feelings of uncertainty and confusion are high and deciding which path to take feels next to impossible. If you wait too long, you could potentially miss out on an awesome opportunity, so weigh your options, ask questions, and think about what it is you'd like to do. You'll come to a decision eventually! And whatever it is, it will be the right one.

Reverse: Stress at work is high right now. You may be stuck making a lot of tough decisions, and it's causing a lot of strain on you and potentially even your relationships with your co-workers. It feels like no matter what you do, you can't make the right choice - or the choices you do make don't bring much success.
Alternatively, if you are looking for work right now, you might find yourself struggling with picking between one crappy job and another crappy job. It feels like there are no good options right now.
Whatever may be troubling you, follow your instincts. Maybe there is an alterative choice hidden in plain sight.

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