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Eight of Cups


Walking away, Looking for truth, Letting go


Avoidance, Fear of change, Staying in a bad situation

The Eight of Cups is a card that represents transition, change, and walking away from something. In order to improve in any aspect of our lives, we must go through a transition period. Receiving this card in a reading can suggest that you may be tired of your daily routine, and/or are not satisfied with where you are in life right now. You're seeking a greater experience - something that will fulfill you on a deeper level. You are coming to realize that you must move away from what is familiar and comfortable for you in order to get what you want. Take this as a sign to make take that step. You will not regret it.

Card in Reverse:

You may be feeling unsure of what direction you want to take at this time. Feeling like you don't know what is best for you is making you feel confused and overwhelmed. You may be feeling lost and anxious. Another meaning this card brings in reverse is: you may know deep down what is best for you, but you are stuck. Something that once brought you joy and comfort, no longer fulfills you. You know what you need to do, but you find yourself staying. The thought of leaving that security - even though it no longer brings you joy - is very scary to you. You are afraid of change and of losing something that once gave you comfort. Take this card as a sign that it is safe to leave that comfort. It may be uncomfortable and scary at first, but it will lead you to a comfort that is even more fulfilling to you than the previous.







Leaving unfulfilling job, Taking a break from work

Leaving a bad situation, Looking for something better

Staying in a bad relationship, Fear of abandonment

Staying in an unfulfilling job, Scared of leaving a job not right for you

Upright: The Eight of Cups in love can ask the question: "Are you happy?" Right now, your love life may not be what it once was. It might not be what you need in order to be where you want in life. It might have started out like that, but over time you have grown, and now this relationship isn't what your highest self needs. Can you imagine spending the rest of your life with the person you are with? Can you talk to them and see if you can make changes? If not, it is okay to leave. The Eight of Cups is telling you that everything is going to be alright, and though it may be hard, better things are in store for you. If you are currently single, you may be tired of being alone. Your current situation may not be ideal for finding a partner. Perhaps now is the time to adjust and make the changes you've been wanting to make in order to meet your perfect match.

Reverse: You may know deep down that you want to leave a relationship that is no longer serving you, but something is preventing you from leaving. It's hard to look fear in the eyes and ask the hard questions, and it can be scary to leave something that took so long for you to build. But just because you spent a lot of time building it, doesn't mean you need to continue. We all grow and change as people. Over time, we have different wants and needs. Give yourself some time to sort things out and to see whether or not the relationship is salvageable.

Upright: You may be leaving an unfulfilling job right now, or will be soon. You've come to the realization that this job is no longer serving you and you desire a new job or position that aligns with your highest self. Alternatively, you could be taking a break from work soon so you can renew yourself. Work can be stressful sometimes, we all need a vacation. If you are looking for work, you may stumble upon an epiphany soon which will help you in your job search.

Reverse: You may know that your current job is not right for you, but you are finding it too difficult to leave. It's allowing you to live some-what comfortably at home, but when you go to work, you can't help but feel a dark cloud above you. Leaving this job is scary because there is a lot of risk involved. It's up to you whether or not you want to take that risk. The Eight of Cups is encouraging you to find something that aligns with your soul. This doesn't always necessarily need to involve leaving your job. Perhaps you could apply for a new position, ask for different responsibilities, or just see if there is anything that can be done in order to help you feel like you're doing something fulfilling. If not, this card is saying that it is okay if you want to search elsewhere. You wont be disappointed.

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