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Six of Cups


Nostalgia, Memories, Healing, Comfort, Familiarity, Joy


Living in the past, Struggling to move on, Leaving home

The Six of Cups is all about nostalgia and comfort. Here we see two Pixies joyfully sharing flowers with each other. This card can represent generosity, as well as a child-like happiness. Perhaps right now you are reminiscing about times during your childhood, or about memories that happened only a few years ago.
This card can also represent returning to a familiar place. This place could be somewhere you used to call home, or just a place that makes you feel at home. This is a place that is dear to your heart and fills you with comfort. You could be desiring to return to this place at this time, or perhaps you are going to be going there soon.
The Six of Cups reminds us that it is okay to remember and enjoy past memories, but it's important that we do not live in them. Enjoy watching them re-play in your mind, but be sure to leave them in the past.

Card in Reverse:

The Six of Cups in reverse can suggest that you are clinging to the comforts of the past. Things around you are changing, or you are being forced into change, and it's making you feel very uncomfortable. You may be afraid of losing that feeling of home and it's making you feel scared. Change will always be uncomfortable, no matter what. Try to embrace change and look at it as growth. Is there anything you've ever wanted to do? Anywhere you've wanted to go? You wont be able to do those things unless you let go of the comfortable and familiar. The Six of Cups is here to encourage you to let go of the past, and remind you that it is safe.







Returning to old job, Learning from the past

Finding comfort after a breakup, Reconnecting with an ex

Unable to move on, Stuck in the past

Leaving a comfortable job, Reliving past mistakes

Upright: If you are currently single right now, it's possible that you are/will soon be finding comfort once again after a bad break up. You're moving on and finding joy in other things. Alternatively, it is possible that you will be reconnecting with a past love soon. Perhaps back then it wasn't the right time for you. Maybe this time apart will allow for your relationship to truly work this time. Just remember: Do not get back together with this person solely based on memories and comforting feelings of the past. Be sure to ask yourself, "Am I living in the moment?"
If you are in a relationship, it's possible that right now you will both soon be reviving old memories. Perhaps you are going to recreate your first date or visit an old home. Maybe things have been feeling kind of tense as of late, and you both are finally going to be returning to a sense of togetherness.

Reverse: If you are single and/or have gone through a break up of some kind, it may feel impossible for you to live anywhere but the past. The memories with this person are so deep and meaningful for you, it's hard to let go. It's okay to remember the good times, but the Six of Cups cautions you. If you continue to live there, you will never be able to move on and find what may be an even greater love of your life.
If you are in a relationship, things could be feeling different at home right now. Perhaps things are a little tense and a level of comfort seems to have gone away. What is something you can do with your partner to bring back the warmth?

Upright: It's possible that you could be returning to an old job that you once loved. Or you're remembering the good times of a previous job. Remembering the positive parts of a job you once had are beneficial to you and can help you improve your current job. Just remember not to continue trying to re-live the glory days. Those good times have come and gone, but that doesn't mean you can't create new glory!

Reverse: This card can sometimes mean you will be leaving a comfortable job. Things around you might be changing and you don't seem to have much control over them. Your sense of security has been lost and things feel a bit scary right now. The Six of Cups wants to remind you that this change could be a good thing! Try to look forward and find new opportunities to help you grow.
Another meaning this card has is, you could be focusing too much on past career mistakes. These memories are making it hard for you to move forward and take risks. It's okay, we've all made mistakes - big and small. The Six of Cups is here to say that you aren't alone in this. Take what you've learned and use it to improve.

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