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Top TikToks

Hey there!
Welcome to our Top TikToks! These aren't our most viewed TikToks, but rather, our more important ones that answer a lot of your questions. We've already answered a lot of your questions in our FAQ, and we highly recommend that you check that out. But these TikToks have allowed us to go into more detail when answering some of your questions.

We understand that scrolling through TikTok can be a bit of a hassle when you want to find specific videos, so we've put them right here for you, all nicely organized and easy to find!

Why 10-18 business day processing time

How the preview game works

How to pronounce "Phantomasy"

Mask visibility Part 1

What our masks are used for

Mask visibility Part 2

Wearing a medical facemask under our masks

Mask hurting your nose?

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